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Innovating newer ideas to present the uniqueness of stories the Yratta way.

the plane.png

An Avant Garde Barat, and Rukhsati film that uses meta narrative structure to exhibit both the emotion, and the Balochi Heritage of Wazhma.

Murtaza and Fatima, experiencing the raw serenity of the Swaik Lake. Fatima expressed her willingness to show the calming nature of their bond with each other, we suggested an isolated natural body of water. Here's Flow.

We wondered, would narrating a de-ornamentalized raw version of the Desi wedding with the same emotional subtlety as if aided by a lot of visual perfection. An experimental Yratta teaser for a film that manages to redirect to the simpler things that make weddings beautiful.

We have no explanation for this; just going with the vibe, and everyone tripping as we go. A colorful, Vibrant expression of desi wedding Yratta creativity.

When Hamiz so enthusiastically retold the exact bollywood like situation he first met his wife in the midst of friends, we wondered, can we make a very Yratta impromptu recreation of the scene, and with everyone from the original story involved. Needless to say, the Yratta Fervor was reciprocated in this cute retelling

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